Robbie Maroon is a Singer/ Songwriter from Sydney, Australia.
Broadly labelled Pop, his music is a unique blend of funk, pop, rock and r & b with hints of soul.
His songs range from upbeat, groove driven jams to slow soulful ballads and everything in between.

Robbie's desire to become a musician and songwriter stemmed from a last minute ticket to see Prince live in Sydney when he was 16,
this triggered a life long love affair with Prince, songwriting and everything involved in making music.
From there he learned keyboard, played bass in a high school band and started vocal training.

Writing his first song  sparked an interest in not only the basic melody and lyrics of songs but a fascination with the arrangement as well.
He did an internship at a local recording studio where the art of recording and mixing was first introduced and a passion for the technical side and the sound of sounds was born.
Doing live engineering for bands drove a desire to form his own original bands to play his music.

Now at this stage of his musical journey he is much more content in studio work. Writing, recording, producing and mixing his own songs solo without performing with bands.

2022 will see the release of his third full length album "Reckoning" a melting pot of funky rock and pop tracks like CyberLoveStory, Rewind and The Fighter with the closing track Take A Bow an epic ballad written as a tribute to the inspirational spark that kicked off his journey, Prince. 

So where does the music come from? The main ispirations include but are not limited to Prince, Diesel, George Michael, James  Brown, Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, Parliament, Alanis Morrisette and Cat Stevens just to name a few.

Previous Quotes:

Reckoning (Album 2022): "Electric, Dynamic, Funky to the core" - The Ark Of Music

Rewind (Single 2022); "relatable, memorable, and just a little tragic...Rewind is another example of his immense skill as a triple-threat writer, performer, and producer" - The Ark Of Music

Rewind (Single 2022): "With vocals that sit somewhere in between Shinedown and the sultry timbre of George Michael, it’s all too easy to find yourself in the heart of the hook-filled track which comes complete with stabbing horns and layers of funk-riding progressions which pull together to deliver a nostalgia hit you’ve never tasted before" - Amelia Vandergast, A & R Factory

 CyberLoveStory (Single 2022): "Vibrant. Dynamic. Endlessly entertaining from beginning to end. CyberLovestory is an infectious earworm of a track that checks all the boxes in the making of a hit" - The Ark Of Music

Take A Bow (Single 2022):"The single is practically a religious experience – especially for anyone that has previously knelt at Prince’s purple altar" ..."the result is nothing short of breathtaking" - Amelia Vandergast, A & R Factory

Dream factory Vol 2 (Album 2019): "certainly knows how to write a song. His ability to layer a song with instrumentation that pleases the ear is another ability that makes the songs enjoyable"- Jamie Funk, Divide and Conquer

Stepping Stone (Single 2019)"If it’s been a while since you’ve been mesmerised by a Funk-driven Pop Ballad Robbie Maroon’s latest single “Stepping Stone” is a stunning aural injection of resonance" - Amelia Vandergast, A & R Factory

Get Up Stand Up (Single 2019) "Funked-out bliss melds with cathartic writing in our second favorite track, Get Up, Stand Up, a four-minute ride that feels a bit like Stevie Wonder cut a track with former Australian pop-rock gods, INXS."

Dream factory Vol 2 (Album 2019):"there are no spare parts in this music. Every element fits. Every instrument adds-to. Every melody emotes. It’s that simple—though it’s not simple to execute; revealing that Maroon has instincts which one cannot develop. One either has them—or—one does not." - The Ark Of Music

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